Delivery service

  • 所有訂單會由車隊負責運送,指定情況除外。
  • Door-to-door delivery are only applicable to areas accessible by elevators.

Coverage of delivery service

  • Offered to any residential or commercial addresses in Hong Kong Island, New Territories, and Kowloon areas.
  • 送貨服務不適用於remote areas離島及禁區, 即日訂單將安排Lalamove/GOGO van送貨,客人有機會需要落樓收貨(車費由客人支付)

Delivery fees

  • HKD100will be chargedfor spending below HKD1000
  • Delivery fee will be waived for spending over HKD1000 (Non designated timeslots only)


Order amount

General areas

Spending over HKD1000

  • Remote areas:山頂、南區、西貢(不包括將軍澳)、新界東北、機場、馬灣、東涌等送貨地點將會收取HKD100 額外費用,如對收貨地址之劃分有任何疑問,請聯絡客服。

Delivery services exclusion

  • 送貨服務不適用於即日訂單restricted areas orders are not eligible for delivery service
  • 即日訂單可自取收貨或代為安排Lalamove點對點送貨(不設上門送貨),運費將由客人收貨時自行支付。

Delivery period

  • 一般送貨時段為星期一至日,送貨時間段由下午三時至下午七時。
  • The delivery route will be arranged by the team based on the order and road conditions of the day. Hau Fuk Wagyu cannot provide or guarantee the delivery time or order delivery order.
  • 車隊會於到達前電話聯絡客人,請留意來電以便作收貨安排。

Arrangement for designated time Slot

  • Delivery during the designed time slot will be charged according to the following table.
 4pm – 7pm(不指定送貨時段)  no extra charge
 2pm – 8pm (designated one-hour delivery)  Additional HKD100 will be charged
  • The designated time is on an hourly basis, and customer can specify delivery from 2:00 pm to 8:00 pm (14:00 – 20:00).
  • The order will be deliveredin anytime within the designated hour, please reserve time to receive the goods during this time period, otherwise the driver will charge extra waiting fee according to the situation, or have the right to return the food to Hau Fuk Wagyu without any rescheduling, order change and re-delivery.

Severe Weather Delivery Arrangements

Missing or wrong order arrangement

  • If there is a missing item or wrong order, please sendWhatsApp +852 62669892 to contact customer service.
  • Hau Fuk Wagyu Ya cannot arrange for re-delivery or any compensation for late notified orders.

Change or cancel an order arrangement

  • All orders are non-refundable or cancelable once paid.
  • There will be an administrative fee of HK$200 for changes to order information.

*In case of any disputes, Hau Fuk Wagyu Ya reserve the right to make the final decision on the order arrangement, terms and conditions. If you have any questions, please contact customer service.

If you have any questions, please send Whatsapp +852 62669892 to customer serviceWhatsApp +852 62669892 to contact customer service.